Daybreak is coming: An introduction to Dusk Network’s Public Testnet launch
By Robin Massini

Jan 11, 2022

On February 1, 2022, Dusk Network will launch its public Testnet. The Daybreak launch signifies the public release of Dusk Network’s blockchain protocol.

The protocol powers zero-knowledge smart contracts, capable of keeping confidential information private.

It is only a couple more weeks before we release many of the major breakthroughs that the entire Dusk Network team has been working on for years. With Daybreak, we are one step closer towards disruption of the global capital markets, and creating a fairer future of finance.

In the future, all assets will become seamlessly tradable at a global scale. For us, this cannot happen soon enough. This is why we are pushing hard to create a decentralized and permissionless blockchain that preserves privacy. A layer-1 blockchain-powered by bleeding-edge zero-knowledge cryptography, designed to facilitate privacy-preserving smart contracts. Now is the time to put it to the test.

All good things take time. Every day, we are working on laying the foundations for a fairer financial system. While this is not done overnight, we are excited to expand our ranks with like-minded people. A community of long-term thinkers, who love a good challenge and cannot wait to be involved with our mission. Together we can take Dusk Network mainstream. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more information about how YOU can be involved.

Please know that we want to be smart about growing the network. Initially, we will be looking to grow our node-running and engineering community by onboarding experts first, and first-timers last. This way we can steadily expand the pool of provisioners able to help-out newcomers, as well as improving our user-guides, so all is there to onboard the masses.

Network-wise, we intend to use the public Testnet to test new features and test for network growth, but never both at the same time. There will be a waitlist for prospective Provisioners. We will share the link to the waitlist in one of our upcoming Testnet articles.

Are you just as excited about zero-knowledge technology as we are, or simply willing to be involved in helping to realize a truly decentralized financial system? Make sure to stay tuned and don’t miss out on signing up for the Daybreak waitlist soon.

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