[Video] DEMO of Zerocaf Cryptographic Public Library
By Dusk Network

Jul 14, 2019 - Amsterdam

ZeroCaf is an open source library that allows the developer community to implement cryptographic protocols over the Doppio Elliptic Curve using a Ristretto mapping. The goal of ZeroCaf is to achieve zero-knowledge set inclusion proofs, which are the most secure proofs of knowledge.

After our release, we hosted a livestream on Twitch. ZeroCaf's developers Luke Pearson and Carlos Perez Baro decided to record a demo, to further the documentation.

👉Watch DEMO on Youtube

ZeroCaf's primary use case in the Dusk network resolves around the private key. For set inclusion proofs, a user can securely prove that their private key corresponds to a public key without disclosing the former.

Carlos and Luke, the prime contributors to this release, had earlier already created a very well documented article to accompany the release on Dusk's Public GitHub.

Furthermore, to benefit the entire developer community a User Interface / SDK has been created that is a major source of information for developers regarding its functionality, code and implementation [DEMO / User Interface HERE].

👉 Full in-depth article


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