Zero Knowledge Smart Contracts on Dusk Network!

Jul 01, 2019 - Amsterdam

By: Toghrul Maharramov

Dusk Network is one of the most advanced projects in the privacy space, and we have worked tirelessly to extend our zero-knowledge research to Smart contracts. Our first smart contract standard is the Confidential Security Contract (XSC), and it is the de facto standard for security token issuance, trading, and management.

Today we are excited to release the first version of the XSC-specification. Through the XSC spec we give insight into the functionality built into our smart contracts.

👉 Read the release

👉 View XSC Specifications V1.0 (pdf)

Dusk — Technology for Securities

Dusk streamlines the issuance of digital securities and automates trading compliance with the world’s first programmable and confidential securities.

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