The XSC-‘Confidential Security Contract’-standard.

Digital Securities

‘Digital Securities’ is a collective name for electronically registered and transferable equity, debt, and assets that are issued and/or traded using blockchain technology.

The Dusk Network

The Dusk Network is a permissionless blockchain that keeps the records of confidential security contracts (XSC). XSCs can be used to issue, register, and trade digital securities.

Upon mainnet release anyone can issue digital securities through Dusk. At this stage we work exclusively with selected companies to prepare the launch of their offering. Interested to work with us? Apply for our issuance programme today!

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Dusk Network was created to digitize regulated (financial) markets. Built from the ground up to tackle the challenge at the deepest layer.

Jelle Pol - Business Lead

Benefits: Liquidity

Dusk Network unlocks technologically driven improvements for issuing and trading of digital securities. A global financial ledger unlocks benefits through automation of tasks and dramatic increase of performance versus traditional IT infrastructure.

Benefits for issuers

Dusk's financial ledger secures traceability of every transaction and provides a “single point of truth”. Through Smart Contracts efficient management of rights (e.g. voting rights) and corporate actions over the blockchain become programmable. This enables administrative relief such as automation of share registry updates, and even reporting and taxation. Connecting actors from all over the world grants issuers access to a wide investor audience. As intermediaries (e.g. banks, brokers, exchanges) may be removed from the value chain, related costs to issuance and trading are lower or even disappear.

Benefits for investors

Connecting actors from all over the world provides investors with access to previously unattainable asset classes for investments. Fractional ownership further improves investment precision. And investors of digital assets are easily connected to peers to execute a deal. Uniquely, blockchain secures traceability of every transaction and provides a “single point of truth”, which leads to immutable proof of ownership. Furthermore, blockchain technology dramatically increases the speed of clearing & settlement and grants access to significant administrative relief.






The power of Confidential Security Contracts


Regulated markets demand confidentiality of transactions and strict adherence to security compliance and data protection (GDPR) legislation. Dusk provides an end-to-end automatable solution.

Restriction management

A whitelist and blacklist for users, dividend payout support, lock-up and vesting, number of shareholder and holding-amount restrictions, pausing trading and more.


Issuers can power their capitalization table in real-time and interact with key solutions for reporting and taxation.


Dusk Network fosters a participative network of companies that expand its ecosystem. As an infrastructure project we are impartial to who uses our technology, yet we only enter into partnerships with companies that have a proven track record of excellence.

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