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The Dusk Grants Program helps projects and developers launch to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain and build the future of finance. Opportunities on Dusk Network are endless.

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Ecosystem tooling

After network launch, the Community Development Fund (CDF) secures the long-term future of Dusk Network. To speed things up, projects can apply for pre-launch funding to create valuable ecosystem tooling and infrastructure.

Improving the underlying infrastructure


Hardware Wallets Integration

A hardware wallet stores the user's private keys in a secure hardware device. We find it very important to offer this type of integration for Dusk Network, and we would only suggest integrations with an authentic device manufactured by trustworthy, technically competent security experts with a good reputation.

Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet comes in the shape of an App on your phone, making it extremely convenient to receive, transfer, and control your stored assets. As we drive for mainstream adoption of blockchain for financial services, we are open to multiple mobile wallets that cater to different user needs and preferences.

Smart Contract Creation Suite

The RUSK Virtual Machine is an environment built with WebAssembly (WASM) in which all Dusk Network smart contracts are run. There are many pieces to this particular puzzle that, when combined, ensure efficiency, security, and user-friendliness. Now we are seeking the development of a smart contract creation suite that captures the entire journey of contract development, and acts as a playground for learning and teaching about Dusk Network. Think Remix or Truffle for Ethereum.


Research Proposals

Research and development go hand in hand. Dusk’s core team understands all too well how challenging it can be to advance cutting-edge technologies. That is why we are excited to contribute to the next generation of visionaries capable of pushing technology forward.

Scale to the next level


Layer-2 Scaling

Today, layer-2 scaling solutions can consist of two main variants: Optimistic Roll-ups (ORUs) and zero-knowledge Roll-ups (zkRUs). Roll-ups bundle enough data from a set of L2 transactions to be capable of attesting to the validity of the state transitions alongside the newest block header into a single L1 transaction. zk^2 Roll-ups are a subtype of zkRUs, and allow users to preserve their confidentiality while transacting on the L2. We are very keen on research and development proposals of potentially interesting scaling solutions based on the L2 types described above to further increase network throughput.


Distributed Apps

The usefulness of a layer-1 network can only be measured by the quality of applications that it operates, and the number of end-users that stand to benefit. That is why we fund projects targeting a variety of real-world use-cases and demonstrating a high potential for driving mainstream adoption.

Use-cases that drive mainstream adoption


Multi-Signature Contracts

Multisig security is part of our mission to drive mainstream adoption. With multisig, you fully customize how you manage your assets, with the option to require multiple devices to confirm transactions. It helps individual users and companies to prevent transfer errors and unauthorized access. Multisig should be operable in many ratios on Dusk Network to help directors maintain funds for their organization (2-of-3 or 3-of-5), or have an end-user approving a transaction by mobile and primary computer (2-of-2). Think Gnosis Safe for Ethereum.

Privacy-respecting DeFi

While DeFi has taken the crypto industry by storm, it also demonstrates that there are still hurdles to overcome before we're able to replace or strengthen traditional financial services. We believe that Dusk’s privacy-respecting solution would be an excellent start, and we are open to proposals for varying kinds of DeFi applications. Because, let’s face it, nobody wants to share their finances publicly.

The Process


Application Flow

If you or your company is interested to apply for a grant opportunity, the first step is the Inquiry Form


Inquiry Form

During this stage, we’ll assess your application based on the information provided, and let you know straight away if it is something we want to pursue further or not. We may reach out for an introductory call to talk the proposal through.

Formal Proposal

If the conversation moves forward, the team will start the formal proposal process. Besides project details (team structure, main concept, status, roadmap, impact), you’re also asked to scope the use of requested resources.

Tech Deep-dive

After evaluation, the formal proposal will go through a technical review. We will invite you alongside Dusk experts to really talk through technicalities. Better be prepared!


During this part of the process, the Dusk team is in close contact to provide initial feedback and concerns, as well as thinking about the best ways to fit the agile workflow and scope requested resources.

Funding decision

Once the review process of the formal proposal is completed, the Dusk team makes a final call on whether to fund the application. This includes the amount of funding and allocation milestones.


After approval, we warmly welcome you on board as we write up a contract and perform KYC to formalize the grant disbursement.



Grants Program

  • What is the Dusk Grants Program?

The Dusk Grants Program helps projects and developers launch Ecosystem Tooling, Research, and Applications that benefit the adoption of Dusk Network and contribute to the future of finance. We are here to help you in your contribution to Dusk Network, whether you’d like to create additional ecosystem tooling, perform cutting-edge research, or kickstart your own project!

  • Can I apply for a Dusk Grant?

With the Dusk Grants Program, we aim to reach projects, developers, researchers, academics, or community organizers to strengthen the Dusk ecosystem. Dusk Network is built on an open foundation and so also the grant program is open to anyone and everyone.

  • Will there be enough funding available for me?

Rest assured that there is more than enough funding available. On April 9, 2021, we officially announced our $5,000,000 grant program. For good measurement, this can be 100 smaller initiatives or up to 20 larger projects. It stimulates developer talent to build applications that contribute to a better financial sector.

Application Process

  • What happens after I submit my Inquiry Form?

You’ll be informed that we’ve received your grant proposal. Now it is time for the team to assess your initial application. The more detail you provide, the smoother and quicker the process for determining next steps can go.

  • How long will it take before I hear back from you?

You will hear back from us within a week of submitting your inquiry. If we progress towards a formal grant application, the overall process may take a few weeks to a few months. It all depends on the scope and complexity of your project. You can help us move the process along by providing as much detail as possible in your initial inquiry.

  • Am I supposed to stick to the present grant opportunities?

Not at all! The grant opportunities are there to provide guidance for some of the areas we are keen to see developed or researched. We would encourage you to surprise us if you’ve got an idea and development plan for Dusk Network of your own.

  • Can I get paid out in DUSK?

We can provide payments in Fiat, DUSK, or USDT.

  • Will you give me a million DUSK?

Not that easily, but grant funding can come in a variety of sizes, depending on the scope, timeframe, difficulty, and necessity of the project.

  • When will I receive my grant funding?

Once the formal proposal has been accepted and we’ve signed all the accompanying documents it is time to start! Depending on the scope and size of the project, funding comes in after project completion or at predetermined milestones along the way.