DUSK. The Valuta Franca.


An economy doesn’t just start from scratch, it emerges from its underneath technology and it is the expression of the technology. The economy’s principles, rules and methodologies are embedded into the technology. Through pre-defined monetary incentives and penalties good behavior is rewarded and malicious intent punished. 

Network & Dusk

DUSK (☽) is the native currency of the Dusk Network. It is used to operate the network’s various functionalities such as transactions of DUSK or XSC-based digital securities. Due to its compatability and ease-of-use DUSK plays a major role in digital securities' transactions, dividend payouts, and as a reward for stakeholders who process and store truthful information that flows through the network.

Network operations


To sustain secure operations of the network transaction fees are levied every time a transaction is made. Transaction fees apply both for transactions of XSC-based digital securities and DUSK.


Businesses may reward their shareholders with dividends. Using DUSK, dividend payments to shareholders can be automated.

Smart Contract Creation

Once a Confidential Security Contract is published to the network, a one-time fee in DUSK is levied to reward network stakeholders for processing the information.

Rewarding stakeholders

The core methodology of our network is embedded into the consensus algorithm, SBA★. SBA★ splits the workload among two distinct node types - Block Generators and Provisioners. These nodes safeguard the network and are rewarded for processing truthful information to the network. To sustain their operations, nodes are compensated in DUSK. Their payment is a combination of the transaction fees that are levied and a block reward from the Dusk Network incentivization pool.