State-of-the-art security.

The Roadmap


  • Blind-bidder
  • Provisioner
  • Node Deployment
  • CLI Wallet
  • Zero-knowledge Bulletproof API
  • Testnet

Confidential Regtech

  • Zero-knowledge virtual machine architecture
  • XSC - Confidential Security Contract Standard
  • Voucher Seeder
  • Anonymous Gossip
  • Regulator API


  • GUI Wallet
  • Mainnet
  • Integration with Security Trading Venues
  • Confidential Security Digitization
  • Decentralised Dark-Pool


  • Space Efficiency - Block compression, Transaction Aggregation and Checkpoint
  • Light Node - Simple Payment Verification
  • Horizontal Scalability - Network Partitioning
  • Layer 2 - P2P State Channel Engine

Get involved 

Dusk Network can be found here on GitHub

Dusk Network on GitHub


The integrity of Dusk Network’s core processes is secured by zero-knowledge cryptography. Dusk Network advances the research in this field and pushes the boundary of Bulletproofs technology well beyond confidential transactions. Bulletproofs provide a robust and fully anonymous distributed ledger to the outside world. Our implementation rivals zk-SNARKs in performance, without the need for a trusted setup, thus unlocking truly decentralized computations and unprecedented efficiency in the preservation of privacy.


Dusk Network extends the use of Bulletproofs to arbitrary circuits. This means, amongst others, that Bulletproofs will be utilized to generate set inclusion proofs, hash preimage proofs and Merkle Tree paths proofs.

Stealth address

To preserve the integrity of the market and prevent customer information from being leaked, the identities of Dusk Network’s transactors are concealed.


Dusk Network’s ledger is secured by a novel consensus protocol - SBA★. SBA★ guarantees direct statistical block finality, whilst remaining scalable and permission-less. SBA★ splits the workload among two distinct node types - Block Generators and Provisioners, with the former preserving the anonymity of the user. Dusk uses determistic cryptographic sortition to appoint a subset of the provisioners that form the block committee. This further increases the security of the network. In sum, SBA★ achieves an unrivaled throughput in comparison to the existing privacy-oriented platforms.


The wastefulness of Proof-of-Work is an issue for policy makers. Therefore, we opted to pioneer the concept of Proof-of-Stake as a driver for our privacy-oriented blockchain.


Guru is an advanced algorithm that improves the security of the network by automatically scoring stakeholders in the network based on their history, and duration of voting.

True Decentralisation

Dusk Network features an inverse reward mechanism that introduces the first pool-resistant blockchain economy. It incentives minority stakeholders with the goal of preventing centralization of voter power.

Virtual Machine

Dusk Network includes support for a Turing-complete Virtual Machine (VM) based on WebAssembly (WASM). The VM features native support for zero-knowledge primitives, which are the building blocks of the XSC-standard.

Smart Contracts

Dusk Network's VM is capable of verifying zero-knowledge proofs amongst other features which enables the deployment of the XSC standard.


Ristretto-optimized hashing algorithm specifically designed for the world’s most efficient zero-knowledge proofs based on Bulletproof technology.


Cryptographic protocols require an elliptic curve, while most don’t provide a prime-order group. Ristretto is a thin yet comprehensive solution, that does provide a prime-order group.