Dusk Network: the Privacy Blockchain for Financial Applications.

Dusk Network is technology for securities. An open source and secure blockchain (DLT) infrastructure that businesses use to tokenize financial instruments and automate costly processes.

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Fast & Confidential Transactions

Instant Settlement Finality &  Zero-Knowledge proofs

A distributed Financial Market Infrastructure (dFMI) should provide clear and final settlement of transactions. Moreover, the settlement of transactions should be instant or near-instant (<15s). The popular Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism used by Bitcoin and Ethereum does not address these requirements.

Therefore, we designed a more performant consensus called Succinct Attestation agreement that enables instant settlement of transactions within 15 seconds.

Powered by Zero-Knowledge technology, organizations use Dusk Network to issue tokens that are governed by privacy-preserving smart contracts. Harnessing the power of DLT while respecting confidentiality agreements, and data protection legislation.

Privacy Technology


The power of permissionless smart contracts and the privacy of permissioned ledgers: at the fingertip of any size enterprise.

- Emanuele Francioni, Project & Tech Lead


DLT for Global Collaboration

Encouraging collaboration at scale

Banking on the benefits of public and open source DLT, participation is affordable and cost-efficient. Any business can access privacy-preserving blockchain infrastructure for global collaboration at scale.

Users are incentivized to connect their computers to the network, run a blockchain node and participate in the network upkeep.

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Blockchain Compliance by Design

Protect privacy, and comply with regulation

Dusk Network is designed for safety and compliance with global regulation and local legislation. By utilizing zero-knowledge cryptography and advanced encryption methods, we empower businesses to comply with the GDPR and financial market directives. Enabling them to safely engage in global alternative finance.

Consensus Protocol


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