Europe's First Blockchain-Powered Security Exchange

Dusk x NPEX

We are thrilled to share the news that Dusk has entered into an official agreement with NPEX, marking the launch of Europe’s first blockchain-powered security exchange to issue, trade, and tokenize regulated financial instruments. Such a unique commercial partnership between a regulated financial entity and distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a significant achievement for both Dusk and the broader cryptocurrency sector. It establishes a foundational step towards achieving our goal of making real-world assets accessible on-chain for everyone.

NPEX is an established and reputable stock exchange licensed to operate in the Netherlands as Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF).

Emanuele Francioni, Mark van der Plas, and Patrick van de Laar
Emanuele Francioni, Dusk CEO (standing), Mark van der Plas, NPEX CEO (left), Patrick van de Laar, NPEX CFRO (right)


Leading the way

Dusk is setting a groundbreaking precedent in the cryptocurrency space, paving the way for real adoption of blockchain technology in the financial sector. Unlike others in the realm of Real-World Assets (RWA) frantically trying to persuade institutions to list assets on their chains, Dusk is positioning itself as the underlying technology of choice for the very platforms where financial institutions launch their products in the first place. 

If I can use a bookstore analogy, while other RWA protocols are seeking space on the shelves, Dusk is instead becoming the structure that houses the entire collection.

- Emanuele Francioni, CEO of Dusk

We envision a future where all assets are seamlessly integrated into the decentralized global economy. We've addressed the primary obstacles to widespread adoption by implementing enterprise-level privacy using zero-knowledge cryptography and ensuring regulatory compliance

Our collaboration with NPEX, a licensed and respected stock exchange in the Netherlands, signifies that the market is now ready to embrace, at an infrastructural level, the significant economic and social benefits of decentralized ledger technology. By allowing for the issuance and trading of real-world assets as seamlessly as digital currencies, we are bringing the promise of  decentralized ledger technology to traditional finance.

The Advantages of On-Chain Finance

Integrating traditional financial operations onto the Dusk blockchain introduces a myriad of benefits to those embracing it. These include almost instant trade settlements, from days to seconds; significant cost reductions by removing counterparty risks in transaction clearance; automation of complex processes in corporate actions; immediate interoperability between diverse financial organizations with a single source of truth; simplified access to liquidity and many more benefits. In addition to these significant cost-cutting and time-saving advantages, Dusk also brings to the sector the possibility of opening up new markets, both through attracting a different type of customer and by the creation of novel financial instruments.

By choosing Dusk, NPEX not only modernizes but gains a formidable advantage in the financial arena, removing all infrastructure and brokerage costs, while availing of the same composability and liquidity of DeFi. Envision a world where issuance and trading of regulated assets is as straightforward as purchasing, holding, and composing crypto applications, with direct access to the multi-trillion dollar RWA industry, elimination of intermediaries, and self-custody of assets. With Dusk, this vision becomes reality.

While BTC ETFs have been a great tool for awareness and mass adoption, we want to see traditional ETFs and more issued on-chain.

Dusk and NPEX teams

Looking Ahead

Dusk's journey is poised for significant milestones. Our incentivized testnet is thriving, with over 8000 nodes active, paving the way for our mainnet launch. This partnership with NPEX sets a new standard for blockchain's role in RWA projects, promising to inspire further adoption across the financial sector.

In revolutionizing the backbone of a regulated security exchange, Dusk isn't just participating in the market; we are shaping the very infrastructure that will define the very future of finance.