Mainnet Date Announced: Privacy, Compliance, and Real-World Assets

mainnet date announced

We are thrilled to announce that the Dusk mainnet is officially set to launch on September 20th! This marks a major milestone in our journey to bring to life the first protocol designed with privacy and compliance in mind, to meet all the requirements for an institution-grade financial market infrastructure.

We are excited to share this commitment with our community, and are confident that the need for our technology has never been greater, tokenization (and native issuance) is the future, and that the Dusk ecosystem is poised to make an impact in blockchain, finance, and beyond.

We had originally planned to launch by April, but due to changes in regulations we were forced to rebuild many parts of our tech stack to ensure that we were compliant and able to meet the needs of institutions, exchanges, and regulators. 

This has led to a stronger Dusk ecosystem, with innovative and powerful new features. 

What will mainnet include?

Mainnet will be “bigger” than in the original roadmap, due to the regulatory requirements and the additional time our team has had. In addition to the previous roadmap, some innovations you can look forward to include:

Succinct Attestation (SA): We have innovated on the original SA such that voters, not just block confirmers, are rewarded for every block. This enhances participation and increases finality for the blockchain—a key requirement for compliance.

Decentralized Wallet and Block Explorer: Unlike other blockchains that depend on centralized providers, Dusk's node comes equipped with a web wallet and an explorer, ensuring a fully decentralized infrastructure.

Third-Party Smart Contracts: Empowering developers to build and deploy their own applications on the Dusk network, fostering a robust ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps).

Additional features due to regulatory requirements

Phoenix 2.0: Our advanced transaction model satisfies all regulatory requirements for privacy-preserving transactions. This update means that the sender of a transaction is known to the receiver, and was particularly necessary for exchanges

Moonlight Shard and Phoenix Dual Transaction Model: This additional blockchain layer is designed with an account model structure to ensure regulatory compliance for centralized exchanges (CEXs), maintaining the core principles of decentralization and privacy.

Partnerships and Ecosystem

While the tech stack is of course a vital part of Dusk, partnerships and ecosystem will also play a key role in our success. Our Business Development team has grown, and we have recently hired software engineers to work exclusively on integrating Dusk with multiple licensed institutions and play a foundational role not only in asset tokenization but more importantly in post-trading and settlement operations.

The tangible interest and follow-ups after our keynote at the TokenFuture event in Frankfurt confirmed beyond any doubt that the market wants what we’re building. From institutions to fellow protocols to dApps, there is a strong need for a compliant, privacy-friendly blockchain.

As we look ahead, Dusk’s post-launch roadmap includes the launch of several initiatives, third-party applications, and business cases, alongside continuous enhancements in scalability, user experience, and additional features aimed at fostering a thriving and compliant blockchain ecosystem.