Dusk Network (DUSK) is Now Listed on Bitvavo
By Yannick Planteijdt

Apr 26, 2023 - Amsterdam

We’re thrilled to announce that as of today you can trade $DUSK on Bitvavo, the Dusk Network token (DUSK) is available on the Bitvavo platform for trading, deposits, and withdrawals.

The Bitvavo platform was launched in 2018, with the goal to bridge the gap between traditional currencies and digital assets. An ambitious, development-focused team, located in Amsterdam, is constantly working on improving and expanding the Bitvavo platform.

Dusk Network is delighted to list on Bitvavo, which will enable greater accessibility of $DUSK to the Dutch market. This new collaboration further strengthens our ambitions for a global expansion, opening up new opportunities in key markets and paving the way for continuing our growth.

You can find the full announcement by Bitvavo here.

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