Get to Know Dusk: Pop Quiz

Dusk Pop Quiz

In the last few weeks, we’ve been focusing on getting to know Dusk, what we’re about, and an overview of the different technical components that make up our project. 

This week, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test and see how well you know Dusk!

Dusk: The Basics

  1. Dusk is a:
    A: Layer One
    B: Layer Two
    C: Layer Zero
  2. Dusk uses a type of cryptography called:
    A: No-Knowledge Proofs
    B: Zero-Knowledge Proofs
    C: Zero-Know-Ledger Proofs
  3. The main programming language Dusk uses is:
    A: Solidity
    B: Rust
    C: Rusk
  4. Dusk is headquartered in:
    A: Dubai
    B: The Netherlands
    C: The UK
  5. Dusk is a private, permissioned network?
    A: Yes
    B: No


Dusk: Mission and Vision

  1. Dusk’s three key pillars are:
    A: Scalability, Finality, Speed
    B: Privacy, Compliance, Real-World Assets
    C: Decentralization, Transparency, Interoperability
  2. Dusk’s tagline is:
    A: Regulated DeFi
    B: Regulated decentralized finance
    C: Regulated and decentralized finance
  3. Dusk is focused on:
    A: Enabling developers to create privacy-first applications
    B: Replacing institutions with smart contracts
    C: Empowering users with custody of any digital assets they own, including regulated ones



  1. Together with other privacy-focused projects Dusk co-founded the:
    A: Leading Privacy Alliance
    B: Helping Private Compliance
    C: Promoting Privacy Guidance
  2. Dusk’s cryptographic proving system is called: 
    A: Bulletproofs
    B: STARK
    C: PLONK
  3. Choose the most precise sentence related to transactions on Dusk:
    A: Everything is always concealed
    B: Transactions can have private and public content
    C: Developers can audit all transactions



  1. Dusk is primarily focused on which jurisdiction:
    A: The EU
    B: The US
    C: The whole globe
  2. What is the name of the legislation that Dusk aims to comply with first?
    A: MiCA
    B: FCA
    C: ACAR
  3. Which standard is available on Dusk to issue security tokens:
    A: XSC, aka Confidential Security Contracts
    B: XC, aka Confidential Contracts
    C: ZKC, aka Zero-Knowledge Contracts


Products and Tech

  1. Dusk’s on-chain licensing/KYC tool is called:
    A: Fortress
    B: Citadel
    C: Castle
  2. The Dusk Virtual Machine (VM) is named:
    A: Krusty
    B: Piecrust
    C: Rust
  3. Dusk developed a cryptographic hash function named for which Greek god:
    A: Athena
    B: Ares
    C: Poseidon



Let’s find out how you did!

Dusk: The Basics

1: A

Dusk is a Layer One blockchain. While many blockchains use zero-knowledge proof technology to scale another blockchain and are known as Layer Twos, Dusk is the foundational blockchain. Read more about zero-knowledge proofs and layers twos here

2: B
Dusk uses zero-knowledge proof technology. This is a cryptographic way to prove something without revealing the content or leaking any information. 

3: B
Dusk uses Rust. 

4: B
Dusk is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with a significant amount of the team based there. 

5: No
Dusk is permissionless. 

Dusk: Mission and Vision

1: B
Dusk’s three pillars are privacy, compliance, and bringing real-world (that is traditional) assets to everyone’s wallet. The other points are important too though!

2: C

Dusk’s tagline reflects our focus to reconcile regulated and decentralized finance so that our users can operate on each or both seamlessly.

3: C

We believe that financial inclusion and economic freedom depend on the capability of our users to access, own, and trade digital assets with no intermediaries. Even the regulated ones.


1: A

The group is called the Leading Privacy Alliance, and features many other great projects, including HOPR and Panther. 

2: C

It is called PLONK, which stands for Permutations over Lagrange-bases for Oecumenical Noninteractive arguments of Knowledge.


Dusk can provide higher levels of privacy than what currently exists, partly due to removing the need for middlemen and by changing the way data is stored and verified. Developers have the choice and the capability to specify private and public inputs. The correctness of transactions involving private inputs depends on the generation of a zero-knowledge proof that Dusk’s validators (Provisioners) verify.


1: A

Currently, Dusk is primarily focused on the EU. This is largely due to the regulatory clarity in the EU, although Dusk would love to expand in the future. 

2: A

MiCA, the Markets in Crypto Assets, is the key piece of legislation in the EU that Dusk is focused on. 

3: A

XSC stands for Confidential Security Contracts. XSC tokens settle according to the Zedger transaction model, a token standard created by Dusk specifically to implement the EU regulation for securities called Mifid 2. 

Products and Tech

1: B
It is called Citadel, and a “lite” version called Shelter also exists.

2: B
The VM is named “Piecrust”. This is consistent with Rusk, the overall technology stack run by Dusk nodes, which Piecrust is part of. Rusk is a dry biscuit or a twice-baked bread.

3: C
Poseidon is the Greek god we went with! Interestingly, Poseidon hashing is based on the HADES Design Strategy. Hades is the name of the Greek god of the afterlife.

How did you do? 
0-5: Maybe you just discovered us? Join the Discord and find out more

6-9: Getting there! Dusk is a big project and there’s a lot to learn

10-13: Not bad! Check out our blog and join our Discord to learn more and up your score!

14-17: You’re a hardcore Dusketeer!