The Dusk Report 2023

Dusk Report 2023

This is the 5th edition of our Annual report, showcasing what the company has worked on in the past year and sharing its finances. The company believes in transparency and hopes to set an example in the industry by sharing these insights on a yearly basis. The release marks the start of a range of celebratory activities, to reflect on its 5th anniversary. 

  • 5 Years of Dusk celebrated with rebranding
  • 3 pillars as main ingredients to be the financial ecosystem of the future
  • Solid runway and well-considered hiring strategy
  • Full focus on the finalization of mainnet

Dusk holds a unique position in the Dutch blockchain space, building top-notch infrastructure for the financial ecosystem. With an investment round in 2018 and three years of focus on research and development, it is now approaching the next big milestone, mainnet. With the release of the roadmap for the coming period and the Annual Report, Dusk shows the company has established itself as a solid enterprise with a sustainable financial future and a well-considered hiring strategy. 
The rebranding from Dusk Network to Dusk was one of the main company-wide highlights. The result; Regulated and Decentralized Finance, Dusk distinguished itself in the niche field it always envisioned. 



The rebranding marked a new stage for the company and sparked new opportunities, such as onboarding partners and pilots. Between the launch of testnet and the current roadmap, the teams worked hard on technical updates, repositories, bug fixes, and documentation. This is an ongoing process, often overlooked as they might not seem big, but are all crucial items for the bigger picture Dusk is creating. A financial ecosystem for the future. 

You can download the full report here.