Get to Know Dusk: Key Articles for You

Get to Know Dusk | Key Articles For You

It’s time for the Dusk Greatest Hits! 

Over the past months, we’ve shared a bunch of articles on everything from the now-implemented Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations from the EU, to in-depth history guides to the origins of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) all the way to really drilling on the 3 pillars of Dusk; privacy, compliance, and bringing real-world assets to everybody.

With so much content, it can be overwhelming to keep up. So, whether you are just discovering Dusk and would like a simple list of articles and what they cover to help you get started, or you’re a Dusk OG who would like to take a walk down memory lane and revisit some highlights (or even send these articles to your friends!), let’s have a look at some of our greatest (blog) hits. 

Dusk’s Vision and Mission

This section covers the mission and vision of Dusk, including posts from CEO Emanuele Francioni, and covers the “why?” of Dusk. Who are we, what do we want to achieve, and what are our goals?


Privacy is one of the key pillars of Dusk. We are privacy maxis, not only because it’s necessary for a functioning financial system (imagine if everyone could see all of your financial transactions!) but because it’s a human right. For us, privacy is not a feature in and of itself, rather it’s a requirement, a cost you could say, of doing business. 

We use zero-knowledge proof cryptography to ensure privacy and verifiability. In this section you will find some key articles on privacy. 

Privacy: Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Dusk uses (and develops) an advanced form of cryptography called zero-knowledge proofs, which are a way to prove that something is true or valid, without revealing what it is. This will allow Dusk to show that a transaction or statement is true without revealing the details of that transaction or statement. 

Dusk has developed a private licensing tool called Citadel, which is especially well-suited to performing KYC/AML in a private way. 

Blockchain Experts Discuss the Potential of Zero-Knowledge Rollups and Interoperability - Insights from Twitter Space


While many blockchains have shied away from regulations and being compliant, Dusk has embraced them and is building technology that is not only compliant to existing rules but that can actually automate compliance for 3rd-party users. 

Dusk is specifically focused on the EU at the moment, and is built in a way to satisfy pre-existing regulations like GDPR as well as to be compliant with blockchain-specific regulations like MiCA. 

MiCA Series
This is a multi-part series on the MiCA regulations written when they were announced. If you’re new to regulations and want to understand more about the terminology and implications, this is a great place to start. 

Part One: Dusk Introduces you to the Key Terms in Upcoming EU Crypto Legislation (MiCA)

Part Two: Who Cares About EU Crypto Regulations and Why Should I?

Part Three: How EU Crypto Regulation Will Affect You: Everything You Need to Know About MiCA

Part Four: Stablecoins Redefined: EMTs vs ARTs

Part Five: MiCA: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Unknown

Real-World Assets

All of this leads us to the real meat of Dusk; bringing real-world assets on-chain. This means that regulated, traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and shares can be tokenized and traded and “held” on the Dusk blockchain. 

This not only solves a lot of business pain points and makes it easier to settle transactions and provides greater transparency and access to liquidity, it also means that users can trade assets that are backed by real revenue in the same way as they can trade digital tokens. 

This is the ultimate goal of Dusk; to make it possible for anyone to trade real-world assets (assuming they are allowed to according to regulations) from their wallet.


We hope this piece serves a good starting point for getting to know Dusk. If you’d like to get to know us more and stay up-to-date with developments, you can sign up to receive our newsletter as well as join the Discord channel for regular chats and discussions with team members.