Revolutionize Finance By Making Privacy Possible on Dusk

Revolutionize Finance By Making Privacy Possible on Dusk

We're excited to invite our technical community members to participate in the Trusted Setup Ceremony for our PLONK system! This ceremony is not just a process, but a milestone in itself. It's where we generate the cryptographic parameters that form the backbone of our ZKP system, ensuring privacy and integrity for Dusk.

This is an awesome opportunity to be part of setting up a blockchain and ensuring privacy and security. Privacy Maxis are invited!

The Trusted Setup is a unique event where participants contribute to the Common Reference String (CRS) by adding their layer of randomness. This is essential for securing our network. Only one honest actor needs to contribute to ensure the system's integrity.

Do you want to contribute to the security of the Dusk protocol? You can! 

It's a process best suited for people who are comfortable with downloading and compiling software. The process is documented on our Github.

All contributions need to happen in sequential order. To coordinate this, we have assigned a master of ceremonies (coordinator) who will provide you with the specific challenge when it is your turn to contribute. This contribution will take a bit more than an hour to finish, close to 90 minutes.

Once you've finished your contribution, you will send back the response to the coordinator. The coordinator will then post the results publicly so everyone can verify your contribution.

Inspired by the Zcash Trusted Setup Ceremony video, we encourage you to record your participation process in a cool, fun and engaging way. Showcase your setup, share your experience, burn your computer, and be part of history!

Ready to join? Reach out to me, Hein Dauven on X/Twitter or Telegram (@HDauven), to participate . Remember, this is a pretty technical process, so brace yourself for an exciting and rewarding experience. Join us in fortifying Dusk and take another step towards mainnet!