Kadcast: Audit Completed

Kadcast Audit Completed

We are happy to share the results of the audit of the Kadcast protocol, performed by Blaize Security. 

Scoring 9.8/10 overall, with the code quality scoring a perfect 10, Kadcast was found to be of incredibly high quality.

Blaize audit table

The initial audit lasted a month, with additional checks taking a couple of weeks after the Dusk team implemented recommendations. The audit was thorough and included reviewing the system architecture, and the messaging protocol, and also performing rigorous testing.

We are incredibly pleased with both the issues found - which have since been fixed - and the results and overall feedback about our protocol and its quality. 

The audit included manual reviews of the code by the auditing team, reviews against recommendations, and testing.

This is the third audit report we have received, and once again confirms that our code, security, and protocol are of the highest quality.     

Kadcast passed the audit, with the report stating that protocol “shows high compliance with the security standards” with the auditing team noting “the high code quality of the codebase, high functionality of each component, excellent work with resources, flexible configuration, and settings, and the availability of a certain number of native tests”.

You can read the full report here

You can find the Audit repository on Github. We will add reports here as they become available.

Thank you to Blaize Security for their detailed and thorough audit, and such a full and complete report.