Research Spotlight | Meet the Team


Meet the Research Team who are building the cryptographic tools that make Dusk Network private, secure, compliant.

Research and development are crucial at Dusk Network, with our team consisting of Ph.D. holders, and subject matter experts, and leaders in their field.

Though zero-knowledge proofs have existed since the 1980s, their implementation and applications continue to evolve, alongside the growth of blockchain technology, and users’ demands for privacy.

Our team actively researches, tests, and furthers the field of zero-knowledge proofs and blockchain, garnering attention from significant projects who have forked our libraries and repositories on Github. This speaks to the great work our cryptography experts and Ph.D’s are doing. They have contributed research on elliptic curve cryptography and recursion and played a pivotal role in developing and advancing PlonKup They have also developed Citadel, our private KYC/AML solution allowing a one-and-done approach to KYC for both users and institutions.

We are not “just” building a blockchain; we are creating a novel technology that relies on unprecedented concepts and features. This is why we have dedicated extensive resources to research and cannot rush the mainnet release.

Our team is actively exploring cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs to create a Layer 1 blockchain, complete with zero-knowledge proofs that is secure, compliant, and privacy-preserving. While most so-called zero-knowledge projects focus on scaling, our team is breaking new ground in the fields of privacy and compliance with regulations.

But what does this all mean? How does researching cryptography fit in with blockchain? How is academic research applied to technology?

What are the team’s ongoing projects and what are they most excited about? How do they navigate the legal and regulatory rules to ensure compliance for our technology?

We will address all these questions - and more - as we introduce you to our research team in this series. Whether you aim to learn more about zero-knowledge proofs, are a developer seeking to build on a secure, private, and scalable platform, or are simply curious about our work, we hope you enjoy the series.

As part of our commitment to transparency, you can expect multiple articles, podcasts, and interviews from our Research Team in the upcoming weeks, shedding light on Dusk, our products, and the broader blockchain and crypto landscape.