Testnet Daybreak Sign-ups Exceed 1700 Applicants


On January 14th, we opened up applications for the upcoming public testnet Daybreak’s first batch of Provisioners / nodes.

So far, the community response has been overwhelming. Interest in
running nodes signals enthusiastic reception for our upcoming privacy

This incredible enthusiasm for our upcoming testnet reinforces our
intent of growing the network smartly: starting by onboarding experts
first, and first-timers last. Once the first group of experts has paved
the way, we’ll continue to onboard enthusiasts based on their profile
and sign-up dates.

We’re humbled by the response of the community, and excited to start
implementing nodes.__ The onboarding of the first batches of nodes will
allow for proper testing of Daybreak to commence. Once stability has
been achieved, the bar to entry can be steadily lowered to further add
new participants to the network.

Haven’t indicated your intent to go live on Daybreak yet? Sign-ups are
still open! Join the more than 1700 other applicants in becoming
integral to the network’s future.