Web Wallet Upgrades

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Web Wallet 0.4.0 Release Notes 

Since the start of ITN we have made many updates and improvements to the Web Wallet, from UX upgrades to major functionality enhancements. 

Read on to check out the new features, as well as what they mean on a practical basis. As ever we strive not only for transparency, which you can find on our Github, but to make updates and their implications as easy to understand as possible. 

Enjoy using the new and improved Web Wallet!

Feature: Added a forced log-out on inactive tabs

If the user opens the wallet in multiple tabs with different seeds, it might have ended up in an inconsistent state. The wallet will now automatically manage tabs and log out the inactive ones to prevent this event from happening.

Feature: Added an existing wallet notice

When logging into a wallet, the local data was getting cleared if the new wallet does not match the most recent one the user has used. This leads to longer waiting times for resync to happen. 

We introduced a notice during log-in, in case local data exists and will get deleted, due to the user using another wallet to log in. This is included in the restore flow, as well as on the main login page.

Enhancement: Major performance improvements

The main complaint with the Web Wallet upon its initial release was related to the performance – the operations were blocking, freezing the whole UI, and taking a long time. The team has worked tirelessly to introduce web workers to execute the underlying web assembly code, make the Web Wallet non-blocking, and the underlying operations a little faster.

Enhancement: Reworked Create/Restore Wallet flows

The create/restore wallet flows were reworked with the most-required by the community changes – specifically, users can now paste a mnemonic phrase while restoring their wallet, instead of typing the words one by one, and can also revert the last entry, which makes it easier to correct a mistakenly selected word.

Enhancement: Several minor UI improvements

Some of the components have been tweaked, so as to better match the design system. For example, the holdings component has been updated, the drop shadow was removed from the active states of the interactive components, and an unpleasant layout shift has been resolved on the dashboard page. The design of the words during the create/restore flows have also been adjusted to differentiate them from a button of a tertiary variant.

Enhancement: Add Address validation (Transfer flow)

Addresses used for transfers will now be properly validated before making a transaction.

Enhancement: Upgraded to SvelteKit 2

SvelteKit 2.0 is the new framework released by the Svelte team. The Web wallet has been upgraded enhancing overall application performance and developer experience with the latest features, improvements, and security patches.

General: Added a visible version, commit hash, and build date

It is now possible to see what version of the web wallet is running on a user's browser. This is now visible on the title of the page, after the name of the app, as well as on the landing page of the Web Wallet.

Feature: Add an abortable sync

Sync will now automatically be managed by the wallet and canceled as required to save bandwidth and processing power.

Feature: Added an additional notice step for Staking

The Wallet has been updated for ITN staking, so additional notices have been put in place to instruct the user that a local node is required in order to stake.

Enhancement: Updated Address component design

The design of the Address component has been improved – the ellipses were moved to the middle, allowing users to see the beginning and the end of their address, the font was changed to Monospace, and a Copy action button was added to allow users to easily copy their Wallet’s address.

Enhancement: Add gas settings validation to the settings page

Added validation, based on the limits that have been set, to the gas settings on the settings page. The settings will now be updated with new values only after the gas price and gas limit values have been validated as being between the limits and are valid numbers.

Bugfix: Staking remains disabled for ITN users

We have fixed a bug that would result in the “Staking” button being disabled on ITN.

Bugfix: Transactions table remains hidden for some screen resolutions

There was a bug that prevented the transactions page from being visible on some uncommon screen resolutions. This has been fixed.