What about us


The concept of Dusk Network was conceived early 2018. The restricted DevNet was launched on December 2018, TestNet early Q3 2019 and and Mainnet is to be released end of this year.

Since its inception Dusk Network Core has more than doubled in a short space of time and attracted advisors from various disciplines. Along the way, we discovered novel ways to implement bulletproofs and zero-knowledge cryptography in places where it had not been used before. This accelerated the through-put and scalability of our technology even further while preserving the privacy requirements demanded by buyers and sellers of digital securities.

Together, the Dusk Network community and Dusk Network Core continue to work towards our common goal of global adoption of our blockchain and its Confidential Security Contract (XSC) Standard.

Our values

What we build defines who we are. We strive to build a bulletproof system that uses cutting edge technology and is accessible for anyone.


Security of the network is our utmost priority. It needs to be bulletproof and continue undisrupted under the harshest conditions. Bulletproofs technology verifies that information stored in a transaction does not contain false information, this furthers the security on a whole other level.


We build Dusk Network for the common good. Our code is published under the MIT license which is a permissive license that should aid advancements in blockchain development and cryptography. Dusk Network is for anyone. We don’t gatekeep our technology and anyone can use it to create a token based on the XSC standard.

Cutting edge

We are pioneers that strive to innovate. We do not only operate in a technical field that is rapidly evolving, but also build a solution that needs to comply with regulations that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This requires build-in flexibility and being at the frontier of technology.

Meet the developers


Dusk Network is a globally developed initiative led by Dusk Core located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


For general questions please use the contact form on the right. We respond to emails based on priority. Commonly asked questions are added to the FAQ page.


For press and media related inquiries please contact us through [email protected].

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