Ecosystem Roadmap

At Dusk Network we are on a journey to reshape the financial industry. Technology plays a vital role in the future economy, and our roadmap outlines the many components and building blocks allowing for that future.

Ecosystem Roadmap - Eagle Eye View

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Tools & Frameworks Web Portal Branding, Usability And Interfacing Blockchain & P2P Oracle Integration Cryptographic Path User Experience ZK Proof System Bulletproofs ZK Performance ZK Friendly Hashing Virtual Execution Instrument ation Hosting DSL Networking Economic Model Research Storage Game Theory Hashing Elliptic Curves ZK Based Scalability ZK Friendly Merkel Tree Advanced ZK Compiler Security RegTech Research Proof Of Blind Bid XSC Research XSC-B Research Guru/ReCon Research Universal SNARKs Advanced Gadget Library Advanced Gadget Library ZK Provable Data- Structures Halo Infinite Research 90% Applicatio n Boiler plate 25% DUSK Labs Blockchain Explorer Provisioner Staking Contract 75% Web Staking Bid Contract 0% ZK Plasma / ZK ^ 2 Rollups 90% Web Wallet Fee Withdrawal Contract 0% Atomic Swaps Transfer Contract 0% L2-Consensus 80% Slashing Contract Zerocaf Sonny 25% Trustless Universal CRS PLONK MLSAG BLSAG Pre-Staking 0% ZK-DSL Provable Symmetric Encryption 50% Recursive Proofs Bid Structure Note Structure Phoenix Gas Metering RUSK - VM Kelvin 90% Deployment System SBA 1 SBA 2 Kadcast Poseidon BLS 1 2- 381 BLS Signatures Poseidon Trees