Announcing Incentivized Testnet

Dusk's ITN is starting soon

We are thrilled to announce the details of our Incentivized Testnet (ITN), one of the final stages before mainnet, and tell you how you can participate, contribute, and earn rewards. 

What is ITN?

First things first, ITN is our testnet that helps us to stress test the network, and ensure that it works as intended. We had a previous iteration of ITN a year ago, which was a great success, both in terms of participation and the data it allowed us to gather.

How Can I Participate?

You can participate as a staker or node runner. Stakers will do using their ERC20 DUSK on Ethereum, while running a node will require more technical knowledge and is done on our testnet. 

A guide to running a node will be provided.

What Are the Rewards?

There is a fixed pool of $DUSK set aside as rewards for stakers and node runners, so the rewards will vary depending on how many people participate.

Reward Pool for Stakers = 2.5 million $DUSK

Reward for Node Runners = Airdrop once mainnet is live

We will also take snapshots during ITN for future POAP claims. Holders will be eligible for future rewards and airdrops once mainnet launches.

Addresses of participants will be published and could be used by projects launching on Dusk to identify early contributors to the network.

Who Will Be Eligible for Rewards?

There are some requirements to be eligible for rewards. Failure to participate correctly as a node runner may result in not receiving rewards. 

Eligibility Requirements for Nodes

  • To have a 75% uptime for your node
  • No malicious behavior

Next Steps and Timeline

There are 2 different timelines and processes for staking and nodes. Staking is simpler, while running a node has more steps. 

Staking timeline

31st Jan - The staking contract will go live and you can deposit your DUSK on Ethereum 

1st Feb - Staking contract starts

15th March - Staking ends

Staking next steps

Staking will take place on Ethereum, so you will need to have DUSK on Ethereum in order to participate. If your DUSK is on a CEX or BSC, you will need to withdraw/bridge it to the Ethereum blockchain.

The staking contract will be shared on 31st Jan.

Node timeline

15th February - Node running and tracking on ITN begins

15th March - Node running ends

Node running next steps

We have a generous onboarding period, giving everyone time to get involved.

In contrast to staking which takes place on Ethereum, node running will take place on the Dusk testnet. We will release a detailed guide to running a node soon

When will I receive rewards?

All rewards will be paid out on the Dusk mainnet when it is live. 

Staking rewards will be paid out in native DUSK once mainnet is live. In order to receive your rewards you will need to bridge to the Dusk blockchain using the same address you used to stake, and will receive your rewards automatically. 

Node rewards will be paid out as an airdrop a couple of months after mainnet is live and smart contract deployments are supported. You will need to keep the wallet you used to run a node, and can use that in the future to claim your rewards.

Get Involved

We’re incredibly happy to get started with ITN, and are excited for you to join us as a staker, as a node runner, or both. 

ITN is not only a stress test for our network, but a way to reward our community and token holders with rewards when mainnet goes live. 

We will announce the contracts and websites when staking and node running is open, but until then we encourage you to join us in Discord and Telegram, and to follow us on Twitter

Thank you for joining us in building a blockchain that is capable of revolutionizing finance, safeguarding privacy, and making financial freedom accessible to all.