Dusk's Blockchain Technology Powers BWRE Capital’s Tokenized Bond Success

Dusk powers BWRE's bond success

While we are known for our innovative and groundbreaking tech (like our privacy-friendly VM, our zero-knowledge 3rd party licensing tool Citadel, and our customizable web wallet), we are pleased to share more about use cases being built that will not only bring real-world assets on-chain, but will also enhance the Dusk ecosystem and provide significant opportunities for token holders. 

This week we saw the launch of Italian tax credit bonds, ITAX, by our partners BWRE Capital. 

The first round, €3.5 million worth of bonds for qualified investors, sold out instantly. 

Due to the overwhelming response, BWRE Capital will now extend this opportunity to retail investors, allowing “normal” people to access institutional-grade investments. Essentially you can purchase a highly regulated bond from the Italian government with the same ease as you can buy a meme coin that is fuelled by prayers and hopeium!

The days of being the ponzi-esque unstable yields and hoping your tokens don’t go zero are coming to an end!

Sold Out Initial Offering

The initial €3.5 million bond offering was exclusively available to qualified investors and met with unprecedented demand, selling out in less than two hours. This rapid subscription highlights the strong market confidence in tokenized tax credit bonds and the innovative use of blockchain technology. 

Strategic Collaboration with BWRE Capital

The partnership with BWRE not only offering financial opportunities to investors, it benefits the Dusk ecosystem too. These bonds, while initially offered on Ethereum due to time constraints, will be migrated over to Dusk with mainnet. 

This means mainnet will launch with the TVL from the bonds as well as a sophisticated, real-world asset protocol on-chain. 

There are even additional yield benefits for DUSK token holders as BWRE have decided to offer higher yields to token holders, adding DeFi-esque opportunities to regulated assets. 

Our Commitment to Security and Compliance

At Dusk, privacy and regulatory compliance are our bread and butter. Our technology ensures secure and private transactions while strictly adhering to legal and regulatory standards. Not only that, our blockchain is also business-friendly, with multiple features that make the process of doing business on Dusk simpler; for example allowing smart contracts to pay for gas and having the option to brand the wallet according to the organizations needs. 

We are confident that our business-friendly and logical features along with our focus on compliance and privacy will make Dusk the obvious choice for institutions, entrepreneurs, and everyday investors alike. 

Enhancing Liquidity with NPEX Stock Exchange

To further facilitate the trading of these bonds, the NPEX stock exchange will provide a secondary market, ensuring liquidity and ongoing access for investors. This move is set to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of the bonds, promising a new era of engagement for both individual and institutional participants.

This is something no other protocol has been able to offer, lacking the partnerships to blend traditional finance with decentralized finance, and offer compliant and licensed secondary trading. 

For more information check out BWRE’s website to see what they’re offering and how you can participate, and we will of course keep you updated too.