Expanding the Team: Welcome Luca

Welcome to Dusk Luca

We are thrilled to welcome Luca Franceschini to the Dusk team, as our new Developer Relations lead. 

Luca will spearhead our efforts to bring developers to Dusk and build a vibrant ecosystem. With mainnet around the corner, now is the perfect time to welcome Luca and increase our developer support and outreach.

With our recently announced 15 million DUSK funding program, our permanent testnet Nocturne, and audits either completed or in process, we are excited to support external developers and teams in using Dusk to bring their ideas to life. 

From privacy-friendly dApps to protocols dealing with regulated, real-world assets, we’re confident that developers will love building on Dusk and be able to build use cases and projects that they can’t do anywhere else. 

Luca studied Mechanical Engineering, before discovering and falling in love with blockchain and cryptography. He went on to study various master’s degrees alongside self-study, before moving into developer relations officially. 

He first came into contact with Dusk in 2018, and now the time is right for him him to join!

Luca says “Since becoming aware of Dusk 5 years ago my interest in the project has continued to grow. After enhancing my expertise in Developer Relations and deepening my knowledge of zero-knowledge proofs, the stars aligned and I finally joined the Dusk team. I’m looking forward to working with the team and all of the developers who we will onboard”.