Internet of Assets Podcast | Sebastiaan van der Lans - How to Get $1M Funding

Internet of Assets Podcast | How to Get $1M Funding

In today's episode of the Internet of Assets Podcast, we were joined by Sebastian van der Lans, a successful open-source entrepreneur and Chairman of the Trusted Web Foundation.

Sebastian is best known for his work at WordProof, a company he founded in 2018 to develop open-source tools to build trust and transparency in the content landscape using blockchain technology. In 2020 he received the blockchain for Social Good award including funding of €1M. In this podcast, we talked about his open-source entrepreneurial experiences, how to get €1M of funding, and the role and benefits of the GDPR regulations in policy-making on the internet.

As always, todays Podcast is hosted by Dusk Head of Business Development Ryan King.

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