Internet of Assets Podcast | Florian Glatz - Unregulated Markets are out, here is what's in

Internet of Assets Podcast | Unregulated Markets are out, here is what's in

Florian Glatz, the Blockchain Lawyer, makes his debut on the Internet of Assets Podcast to talk about the latest regulatory developments in the space after the FT death spiral raises a lot of questions about coin custody, crypto insurance, MiCA and the benefits of RegDeFi. Together with Dusk Head of Business Development Ryan King, this is definitely a podcast episode you don't want to miss.

Florian has been observing the regulatory developments in this space for several years and he gives some hands-on advice on what web3 founders have to take into consideration to be compliant with the upcoming MiCA regulations, how FT: collapse could have been prevented and how RegDeFi can contribute to making this industry more mature.

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