October Recap: Full Steam Ahead

A banner reading October Recap: Full Steam Ahead

It  has been full steam ahead in October! From the workweek in Amsterdam where the company gathered to get ready for mainnet, to updates galore in our Github, the team has been hard at work to deliver mainnet. 

First things first, are the November deliverables, the Citadel SDK and Piecrust Virtual Machine, on track?


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On track for the Piecrust VM

Eduardo Leegwater Simões, lead developer on Piecrust says:

“We are on track for the delivery of the Piecrust VM.

In October we focused on supporting 64-bit WASM in our virtual machine, in an effort to offer larger address spaces - and as such data spaces (more data) - to our smart contracts.

In November we will focus on implementing the new economic model, allowing contracts to be paid directly for their services”

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The Citadel SDK is going according to plan

While Marta Bellés Muñoz said about the Citadel SDK:

“In October we finished the formal security proofs for the Phoenix transaction model and we will make them available very soon.

The Citadel specification at the application level is ready and publicly available.

Our focus for November is working on a trusted setup for PlonK before mainnet. Zedger, our protocol for bringing real assets to our network, is kicking off!

Yes, we are on track to deliver the Citadel SDK, and are getting things ready so the audit firms can take over, and work together to have a secure mainnet!!”

Some of the Dusk developers are working at a table

The workweek was a great success

The workweek at the beginning of the month was a great success! 

The week kicked off with presentations from key leaders within the company, including CEO Emanuele Francioni, who jokingly (I hope!) told the team they would be held captive until mainnet was delivered. To say the team is motivated is an understatement! 

There were also updates on the finances of Dusk (very healthy, and you can read all the details in the annual report), as well as technology updates from various leads. There were also learning and upskilling sessions, along with retrospectives on various projects. 

All in all, it was a great week with a lot of focus, dedication, long hours, and impact. 

Developer updates

October was a massive month in terms of developer updates! Just look at how long this release cycle update was! Look at it! 

That’s a lot of developer hours and work being pushed. 

I think it’s incredibly impressive to see just how much has been done, how issues were closed, and how efficiently the team is working. 

Emanuele Francioni giving a presentation

Other news

Emanuele Francioni was invited to speak at the Rotterdam Management School, where he spoke to the students about what crypto has (and hasn’t) achieved, and what its potential is. 

The students he spoke to were part of the Business Analytics and Management track, so it was great to not only see interest from such an official organization, but also to discuss crypto and blockchain in the fresh and analytical aulae of higher education, and focus on the monstrous but largely unexplored potential of a technology that is destined to revolutionize the world.

Data collection, analytics, and safeguarding is a huge market with billions in investments every year, especially now that AI has caught everyone’s eye. Blockchain can help improve, monetize, and certify data provenance and play a big role on how data is managed. 

Developer Hein Dauven has been tweeting up a storm on Twitter/X. If you don’t already follow Hein, you really should. He has a great way of explaining complex terms in simple and understandable terms. 

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What to look forward to in November?

As we approach November, the team is sharply focused and confident in meeting the targets. 

Mainnet is within our reach, and everyone can (and should!) feel excited for what’s to come.

We will have a ton of updates to share with you in November as Piecrust and Citadel are delivered, and look forward to celebrating these key milestones with you and gathering momentum for mainnet. 

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