ITN: Set Up

ITN Set Up

We are thrilled to announce that Dusk’s incentivized testnet, ITN, is officially deployed! You can set up your nodes and start participating!

ITN is a huge step towards mainnet, and gives us the chance to stress test the network before our upcoming mainnet release. We have done our best to make it as easy to participate as possible, and the team have optimized everything from the hardware requirements to the installation to make it user-friendly. 

This post is a guide for how things will work and contains resources and instructions for how to set up your node. We are happy that you’re joining us, and are looking forward to the coming weeks. 

We have already seen over 100M $DUSK staked, and we can’t wait to see how many of you participate in the node running part.

Dates and Times

ITN is now deployed and you have a 5 day grace period to set everything up. 

  • As of 20th February, nodes should be up and running. This is when it “counts” and uptime will be registered. No longer accurate. Please see update below. 
  • The final day of node running is 15th March, and after this you no longer need to run or maintain your node
  • Rewards for node running will be paid out once mainnet is live. We don’t have an exact date but will keep you updated

START TIME: 00:00 CET on 20th February 2024

END TIME: 23:59 CET on 15th March 2024

UPDATE: The grace period has been extended to Wednesday 21st February at 11:59PM CET.

Instructions and Key Points

Node Setup Guide

Faucet for tDUSK

To run a node you need 1000 tDUSK which you can get from the faucet and/or as a reflection of your staked ERC20 DUSK.

To receive rewards your node must have an uptime of 75% and not incur slashing.


We have a two-part reward structure to reward both participation and the amount staked. 

  • 250K DUSK will be distributed evenly across all nodes
  • 250K DUSK will be distributed with the POAP airdrop according to the amount staked

UPDATED: Due to the high participation in ITN, we have increased the rewards to 500K and 500K. 

We estimate this will take place in Q3, and will keep you updated.

Updates and Communication

Want to stay up to date with ITN? Here is the Discord Updates Channel

Got questions? Here is the FAQ

Need  more help? Please use the Discord forum for support

We’re incredibly excited to get started with ITN, and can’t wait for you to join us!