Welcome to Dusk David, Vigilija, and Kiril

David, Vigilija, and Kiril join Dusk

We are pleased to announce three new members of the Dusk team, David van Benthem who joins our business development team as a Business Development Specialist, Vigilija Simkeviciute, and Kiril Markov who join as Security Exchange Integration Engineers, and will be focusing on our work and integration with NPEX.

We are thrilled to have them onboard, and are excited for the growth and development they will bring, specifically with regards to the wider Dusk ecosystem and mission.

This is a very exciting moment for Dusk, with years of work, research, and development coming to fruition, and the additions of David, Vigilija, and Kiril will help us to deliver on our goals, and expand our reach.

David van Bentham joins Dusk

David van Benthem

David has a BSc in Business Administration and an MSc in Management with a focus on strategy and technological disruption. In his master’s thesis he explored ‘The potential disruptive impact of by blockchain-enabled tokenization of financial assets on the existing operations within the European financial industry’. 

David likes Dusk for its keen focus on privacy and regulatory compliance and he sees this as a strong must have for greater adoption of blockchain technology by businesses inside but especially outside of the crypto ecosystem. David is also very interested in the native issuance of (financial) assets on-chain, where clearing, settlement, and legal existence of the assets would be fully on-chain. Because, he believes this has the potential to enable the full-scale benefits of blockchain technology.

He says “I’m very excited to be part of the journey at Dusk and work together with the team on the business side”.

Vigilija Simkeviciute joins Dusk

Vigilija Simkeviciute

Vigilija has over 10 years experience as a backend engineer, and is deeply committed to crafting resilient solutions for complex problems. Throughout her career spanning various industries, she has harbored a special passion for the financial sector. 

Joining Dusk, a rapidly growing and innovative company harnessing blockchain technology for streamlined access to financing, aligns perfectly with her interests and expertise. 

“I'm particularly drawn to Dusk's commitment to prioritizing knowledge sharing and transparency, cultivating an environment grounded in trust and fostering enduring relationships”

Kiril Markov joins Dusk

Kiril Markov

With 25 years of experience in the tech industry, Kiril is a seasoned software developer who has held a broad range of technical and managerial roles throughout his career. His positions have spanned from Developer to Principal and Software Architect, and he has excelled in leadership roles such as Team Lead and Technical Director. 

Kiril has extensive experience working with fintech companies, banks, and various other industries. He has a deep passion for distributed systems and code performance, consistently honing his expertise in these areas. 

In addition to his professional work, he contributes to open-source software projects in his spare time. Kiril has also mentored over 40 interns who have progressed to become professional developers. He graduated first in his class from a technical high school and is trained in hardware engineering. He also looks like Santa (his words!).

Kiril says “I’m excited to join Dusk and contribute to the expanding family of Dusk-backed fintech projects, specifically the integration with NPEX. It's a great opportunity to bring my experience in distributed systems to a traditional financial institution. It's an ambitious project and I'm already enjoying working with both teams, and integrating TradFi with Dusk's decentralized tech stack”

Please join us in welcoming David, Vigilija, and Kiril! We are looking forward to working with you!